Thursday, July 21, 2016

"You Are What You Eat" says Jan Tilley in her new book

July 15, 2016
The Boerne Star
Whether your goal is to avoid disease and sustain good health, to lose weight, or to insure that your family eats a healthy diet, registered dietitian Jan Tilley wants to make it easy for you. In Tilley’s new book Eat Well to Be Well: Living Your Best Life through the Power of Anti-Inflammatory Food, (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2016, ISBN 978-1-62634-266-8) you will learn how to make wise choices in your food selection based upon you and your family’s special needs and requirements. Tilley cites medical evidence that concludes that chronic inflammation in our bodies leads to ill health. She provides room in her book for readers to make notations and she explains why inflammation is so harmful.
          In addition to working full time as a dietitian, speaker, and writer, this Bulverde author is a business owner, a “foodie,” a wife and mom, an avid cook, and a dinner party guru. Most of Eat Well to Be Well is made up of healthy, delicious, and easy-to-make recipes. She has divided the recipe section of the book into Eggs and Breakfast, Salads, Soups and Stews, Beef, Poultry, Pork, Seafood, Vegetarian, Side Dishes, and Desserts. The recipes include codes for heart-healthy, gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, and kid-friendly. Recipes such as “Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup,” “Asian Flank Steak,” “Spinach Stuffed Orange Chicken,” and “Apple Granola Bites” are fuss-free, tasty, and healthy. The final portion of the book helps the reader create a personal anti-inflammatory plan. 
          “In my years of practice,” writes Tilley, “I have realized that there simply had to be more we could do to get out in front of chronic disease and give people the tools they need to help prevent it from happening in the first place. I set this out as a challenge to my brilliant team of professionals . . . and together we have spent countless hours researching the data on anti-inflammatory foods and their positive impact on long-term health. From these findings, I have designed four easy-to-prevent steps to give you a practical approach to making [anti-inflammatory] work for you.”
          Tilley is CEO of a professional practice JTA Wellness. She and her team of dietitians accept referrals from most health insurance companies and provide services for private-pay individuals, as well. Tilley sees anti-inflammatory living as being a “four-legged stool” comprised of “balanced nutrition, moderate exercise, managed stress, and high-quality sleep.” 
          Eat Well Be Well contains beautiful color pictures of some of the recipes and is organized into an easy-to-follow format. It is available from Tilley’s website, Amazon, and other major booksellers. She has also written two other books, Getting Your Second Wind and Healthy Meals for Hurried Families.

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